How does it work?

First we will come by for a non-obligation introductory meeting. We will explain what we do, how it works and you can place any questions with us. If you choose to rent out your property, we can make arrangements with regard to availability, your possible wishes for the rental and photos will be made of the property. Based on availability, the home and the location, we will determine the optimum price for your home.

Check Out

After the guests’ stay, we check the property whether it has been left as it was when it arrived. If something unexpectedly breaks or damage is caused, we will immediately report this to AirBnB. For each trip, a guarantee must be paid by the losser to AirBnB. This guarantee can then be used for any damage. We take care of the entire settlement of the damage / loss.


Your house is your home and we understand any concerns regarding the tenants. Because of our experience with renting through AirBnB, we know what we can do to find suitable tenants for your property. We take into account verifications and reviews and we view all profiles manually. We not only want tenants to have a good stay, but also that you have a carefree trip.


The advertisement is the calling card for renting out your property. We take care of the photography of the home and the entire advertisement. In addition, we manage the advertisement and adjust it when necessary. In addition to the advertisement, we will also manage the agenda and maintain contact with guests. You do not have to worry about the advertisement or the management of the agenda on your journey.


The cost for the services offered is 15% of the turnover of the property excluding VAT. The cleaning costs are settled separately and depend on the property. The cleaning costs of the property will be charged to the tenant.


Every rental requires a check-in, we take care of this for you in its entirety. That way you don’t have to take care of the key transfer yourself. At check-in, we provide a small welcome package for your guests and a folder with all information about The Hague and your home. In addition, we have a personal folder for each guest with the events during their stay. We can also present your personal rules for the home to your guests. Each welcome is carried out by us personally and your keys will be stored (securely) with us and not handed over to third parties.


We also take care of the cleaning of your home after each rental. Nothing is better than coming home from your trip in a clean and fresh house. The only thing you still pay attention to is the enjoyment of your journey. The cleaning costs associated with this depend on the type of (apartment / single-family) home. At the introduction and inventory of the home, agreements can be made regarding the cleaning of the home. The cleaning costs are charged to the customer via AirBnB and therefore have no influence on the amount of your payment from AirBnB.

Customer Service

Before the stay we will already have contact with your tenants about the reservation and the stay. During the stay we will also remain the point of contact. They can contact us via mail, Whatsapp, AirBnB or by telephone.

Calendar Management

The services of renting out your home also include agenda management. You specify the period you want to rent out your property. We then manage your agenda and take care of the planning with regard to renting and cleaning. You then have no further worries about the rental and planning.

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