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‘Yvonne’s support with rental through Airbnb is very good. She has a passion for hospitality and ensures that guests lack nothing. Every guest is welcomed in a very personal and committed way so that the stay is very pleasant. The preparation and aftercare in the apartment are also perfectly in order. ‘

AirBnB verhuur


‘I was lucky enough to get to know Yvonne while I was still living / working abroad. Working with Yvonne has been very good for me. It is reliable, precise and organized. The assessment by customers has improved compared to the period that I managed the apartment myself. And my home has been in good hands, always clean, tidy and well cared for when I returned.’


‘Yvonne is a bulls eye on all fronts: the way she communicates with the guests, the way she anticipates and takes care of everything the guests (might) want or need, Her idea of a clean house and the way she solves problems… In a word, she does it exactly the way we would have done it and that is exactly what you want. The degree of independance that Yvonne uses everyday is great: she doesn’t bother you with foolish tings, but she knows exactly when she does have to confer with us. We are leaving our house with piece of mind. Special right, when you meet someone like that? We are very happy with her!’


‘Found Yvonne through the co-host option of AirBnB. What an outcome and how happy I was with her and the way she rented out my house for me and did a change of guests three times while on vacation! Yvonne communicates very clearly, politely and writes neatly (both English and Dutch). Very trustworthy. Responds quickly and correctly. Understands exactly what the guests want / need and like. The guests were also all very positive about her. She is not intrusive, very laid back and flexible, but she is proactive. Nothing is a problem. Appointment always very easy. I have been on holiday with 100% peace of mind and good feeling and I have given everything to her very easily. I would recommend Yvonne as a (co-) host to everyone!’


‘With Yvonne you know for sure that your apartment and the guests are in good hands. She makes sure that the place is perfectly fine and has an eye for details. In addition, she relieves me completely and communicates very pleasantly and clearly. She also comes up with suggestions for making the place even better and then arranges it too! Yvonne is a very reliable person and well organized. Independent and proactive and gives that little bit extra, so you clearly notice that she is passionate about her work. I can recommend her to all landlords!’

AirBnB Rental


‘Yvonne takes all the work off your hands from start to finish. She provides good photos, a catchy text and is a true hostess for the tenants. She therefore not only relieves the landlord but also the guest! Very satisfied!’

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